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The Internet is a powerful resource that facilitates communication, and the generation and sharing of ideas among people around the world. Many people use the Internet to further society, but there are many others who use it as a means to harm and endanger others. Unfortunately, students are often targeted by online predators because of their eagerness to socialize and to share information with others.

Since the Internet allows people to communicate with anyone around the world, students need to be given guidelines on Internet safety, which can make their experience on the Internet as safe as possible. By informing students about how to remain safe while online, we can take a stand, together, against online predators.

Family Guide to Internet Safety from the Howard County Library System

The Howard County Library, in partnership with the Howard County Public School System, has published a comprehensive booklet that covers cyberbullying, cyberethics, and the protection of personal information.

The SafeKids website offers guidelines for parents, suggested online rules for kids while using the Internet, family contracts for safe Internet usage, and numerous articles that discuss current issues related to Internet safety.

Net Smartz Kids

Netsmartz is a great resource for parents and guardians; educators; and, teenagers. For parents and guardians, it provides information on what the general issues are, online safety tips, and real-life stories.

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