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Ms. Stevens

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Ms. Stevens Principal Monica_Stevens@hcpss.org 410-313-5022
I am truly excited and honored to be the proud principal of Mayfield Woods Middle School and fortunate to continue to be a part of the school community that embraced me over the last four years as an assistant principal. I am entering my 18th year of my career in the Howard County Public School System that I was also raised in as a student myself. Before coming to Mayfield, I spent 13 years at Oakland Mills Middle School as a teacher and leadership intern. I am also a proud parent of a son who attended Howard County Public Schools and is now a sophomore in college. I am grateful to spend my weekends traveling to see him play football. I also enjoy cooking and spending time with my family and friends.

Mr. Cox

Mr. Cox Assistant Principal: 6th Grade and 7th Grade A – L Matthew_Cox@hcpss.org 410-313-5022
I am very excited to be joining the Mayfield Woods community. This year I am entering my 17th year in the Howard County Public School System. During those years I have served as a middle and high school math teacher, a Secondary Mathematics Instructional Support Teacher, a Secondary Mathematics Resource Teacher, and now an Assistant Principal. I am proud to serve in this capacity and hope to develop a positive and long-lasting relationship between the school administration, teachers, support staff, students, parents, and the community. When I was a child I had the pleasure of living in Howard County and it made a lasting impression. My family and I chose to start our life in Howard County and spent the beginning of that time within the Mayfield Woods community. I am a proud father of a high school and a middle school student. I love playing sports, camping, video games, and anything that involves me spending time with family.

Ms. Mahle

Ms. Mahle Assistant Principal: 7th Grade M – Z and 8th Grade Kimberly_Mahle@hcpss.org 410-313-5022
I am excited to be joining the Mayfield Woods community and am looking forward to getting to know our staff, students and their families. I am beginning my 21st year with Howard County Public Schools. During that time, I have served the school system in a number of capacities including middle school science and alternative education teacher, a Specialist and Manager in the Office of Human Resources and as a middle school Assistant Principal. I completed my internship at Mayfield Woods in 1998-1999 and am thrilled to be returning to Mayfield. When not at school, I enjoy spending time with my family, photography, scrapbooking and baking. My husband and I have two children who will be entering 7th grade and 10th grade this fall and we have a 5-year old chocolate lab (who is like a third child).

School Overview

Mayfield Woods Middle School is a diverse learning community that is committed to uniting as a community to establish an inclusive environment where staff and students value each other and empower each other to achieve success.

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Community Superintendent Area 2: Theo Cramer

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