MWMS Principal Meet & Greet 7/27/23 6pm-7pm MWMS Cafeteria

Fri, 07/21/2023 - 2:07pm

As the new principal of MWMS, I have spent the last couple of weeks meeting with our school's faculty both individually as well as in groups.  We had a very successful leadership retreat last week and I'm happy to share how impressed I am with the commitment and genuine affection our faculty demonstrates for our students and the Mayfield commUNITY!  I have had the chance to meet with and talk with some of our PTA members about our school and things we can do collaboratively to make MWMS the best school it can be for both our students and faculty.

As I am becoming acclimated with our community, I would like to invite those of you who can attend to meet with me next Thursday evening, July 27th, from 6-7pm in our school's cafeteria.  If you are unable to attend, please do not be concerned, there will be plenty of opportunities for us to meet throughout the school year.  This meeting will be an opportunity for me to share a little bit about my background, and, more importantly, for me to listen to you. 

I'm beyond excited and looking forward to working together and achieving great things for our students, faculty, and our commUNITY!

I hope to see you on July 27.



David Strothers
Mayfield Woods Middle School