Technology Needs and Supports

Fri, 04/24/2020 - 11:59pm

Account Self-Service for Students: Students have the ability to retrieve their usernames and reset passwords, independent of teachers and staff. Directions on using self-service can be found online.

Please ensure that students are logged into their account and not using outside emailsStudents will only be permitted into a Google Meet virtual check-in session with a HCPSS email account.


Families who did not initially request to borrow a device, or indicated they did not need one but now see the need for one, can request a device via HCPSS Connect. Directions on requesting a device can be found by clicking on this link to the HCPSS website.

Families that did request to borrow a device, please be sure to complete this survey when you recieve the device. 


Internet Access: Comcast has opened free access to its Xfinity WiFi network, making hotspots across the country available to anyone, including non-subscribers, at no cost. Search by zip code or city to find a hotspot near you at Comcast is also providing low cost internet access to eligible families through its Comcast Internet Essentials program, including two months of free internet to new Internet Essential customers. The program is open to Free and Reduced Meals (FARMs) program participants, or those eligible for FARMs. Applications will be accepted through May 13.