Information about Middle School Continuity of Learning!

Fri, 04/24/2020 - 11:05pm

The continuity of learning plan for middle school students focuses on delivering learning objectives in a variety of ways, leveraging the tools and resources that students and families have available and accounting for the supports they require. It does not seek to replicate the classroom experience as courses and content will not be taught live at a certain time on a particular day. Rather, teachers provide course or grade-specific work that can be completed independently, guide students through a variety of learning experiences, and provide opportunities for students to ask questions and engage with the teacher remotely during scheduled online sessions.

Click here for more information about Middle School Continutiy of Learning including downloadable student schedules, etc.


New Continuity of Learning Website and Help Function. Our HCPSS website has been a mainstay of our system's continuity of learning program, with over 1.5 million total page views and 15,000-30,000 average daily visitors between March 12 and today. I am pleased to announce that our Continuity of Learning website has been restructured to give you an even more user-friendly and easily navigated resource, providing information essential for ensuring students continue to learn and thrive. The new site features pages with schedules and information dedicated to high school seniors and students at each level. All of our previous content remains online and can be accessed via the new Continuity of Learning site.