Textbook & Media Center Reminders, June 2019

Mon, 06/03/2019 - 2:20pm


Teachershave begun to collect textbooks from students.  This is a good time to start asking your child to start gathering these books, and looking for ones that might be under the bed or missing somewhere in your home.  Typical textbook fines are between $65-$85 when they are lost or damaged, so please start to locate these books in order to avoid a fine. Thanks!


Media Center materials

All media books and materials are due back to Mayfield by June 7.  If you find media books or materials in your home, please have your child return them as soon as possible.  Report Cards will be held at school until the overdue book is either returned, replaced or paid for. Memory books will also be held until the last day of school if the student's library account has been not reconciled.  Please see or contact Mrs. Melvin for more information.