Hoops for Heart 2019

Thu, 03/21/2019 - 8:25pm

Get excited! It's time for our annual Hoops for Heart Event, that will take place on April 2 during Related Arts classes!  We'd love for you to help support us - our goal is to raise $12,000 again this year and bring awareness to heart disease.

Once again this year we are raising money and awareness for the American Heart Association through our annual Hoops for Heart event!  The event will be held during your child's related arts class on Wednesday, March 28.  Students who donate* a minimum of $10, will come to the gym and participate in our 3-point contest, or watch the contest.  Those students who do not donate*, will do a fun heart healthy lesson in their related arts class.  


Three ways to donate:

  1. Online at www.americanheart.org/middleschool: look for Mayfield Woods Middle School, and join our team (encouraging this way first)

  2. Bring a check made out to the American Heart Association the week of March 25-29. 

  3. Bring cash the week of March March 25-29. 

*· If you would like your child to participate but have a financial hardship, OR if this is a cause you do not choose to support but would like your child to participate, please contact Mrs. Shindel, principal, at melissa_shindel@hcpss.org or 410-313-5022 no later than March 27, 2019.