2018-19 MWMS History Day Winners!

Fri, 02/22/2019 - 9:00am

MWMS History Day Winners!

Last week we hosted our annual MWMS National History Day competition and we are so proud of all of the students who participated!  Please join us in congratulating our school winners who will move on to the Howard County finals in March:


Individual Performance:

  • Carah Katz -   Breaking Barriers for Broken Minds: Dorothea Dix's Impact on Mental Health Reforms
  • Lauren Carr -  Josephine Baker: World War Two Spy and Defeater of Racial Injustice


Individual Exhibit:

  • Paul Ward Pratz - Operation Dynamo: Morale Victory, Military Defeat
  • Natalie Jeon - The Gold Rush: National Expansion through Racial Discrimination


Individual Website:

  • Riley Miller - The Greatest Enemy: The Spanish Influenza During WWI
  • Christopher Lopez -  The Flint Strike: Sitting Down to Take a Stand


Individual Docmentary:

  • Anusha Pandey - The Vietnam War, an F.B.I Heist and Freedom Won
  • Michael Levesque - The V-2: From Annihilation to Lunar Exploration



  • Manvika Mamidala - The Sri Lankan Ethnic Conflict: From Terrorism to Tolerance