Update: High School Overcrowding Reduction Options

Sun, 01/06/2019 - 8:44pm

Due to low numbers of applicants, HCPSS will not move forward with the following options for students at Centennial and Howard High Schools:

  1. Biomedical Science, Computer Science, and Aerospace Programs at Marriotts Ridge HS open to CHS, HoHS, and MRHS students.
  2. Reassignment to Glenelg or Marriotts Ridge HS with transportation provided by HCPSS.

HCPSS will allow CHS and HoHS students request Reassignment to GHS or MRHS under the existing Policy 9000, “Student Residency, Eligibility, Enrollment and Assignment” procedures. Families will need to provide their own transportation but students would be immediately eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics and other activities as a member of the GHS or MRHS community, as reassignment would fall under a Board of Education approved special exception. Interested students and families should email student_reassignment@hcpss.org with questions.