Arrival Procedures for Visitors to Mayfield Woods

Tue, 08/07/2018 - 9:27pm

Like the past couple of years, in order to ensure the safety of all students and staff, all visitors will be required to press the buzzer located inside the foyer in the main entrance to our building.  Please familiarize yourself with our procedures if you request to enter Mayfield Woods so that we can work together to keep our school safe – and please be sure to bring identification with you:

  • The front door, under the welcome sign, is the only entrance point for all visitors.

  • Once you enter the front door, you will walk about ten feet and see a door to the right and what looks like a doorbell next to it (not to be confused with the glass doors in front of you).

  • We ask that you buzz the front office and look in the camera.

  • The office staff will ask you how they can help you and your purpose for visiting.

  • Please speak slowly and clearly.

  • Once buzzed in, all visitors should walk directly to one of the front office desks directly in front of you with your identification.

  • All visitors will have their IDs checked, and will then be asked to sign in on “LobbyGuard”.

  • A visitor’s sticker will be given to all visitors; this sticker must be displayed so that it is visible to our staff and students.

  • Any visitor in our building without a sticker will be escorted directly back to the office by a staff member.


We realize it may take a few extra minutes to be checked in, so please plan accordingly. I think we can all agree that safety is our first priority, and we thank you for your understanding of this matter.


As a gentle reminder, please also remember to bring in a valid form of identification if you are picking up one of our students.  It's also a good idea to double check your Emergency Procedure information to ensure the list of individuals authorized to pick up your student during the school day is up-to-date.  You can do that here: