Do You Drive Your Child to School?

Thu, 02/01/2018 - 11:47am

Do you drive your child to school? 

If so, we kindly ask that you do not park in the “drop-off” lane, even if you remain the car while it is parked. 


When you arrive early and do not wish for your child to wait outside, please:

  • Do not park in the drop-off lane

  • Park your car in a parking spot in the back portion of the school parking lot (since your parking is temporary)

  • Return to the drop-off lane when your child is ready to leave the car and go into school


We are sure you agree how important it is to maintain a safe drop-off for our students. When cars park in the drop-off lane it causes a back-up.  Further, lately we have observed unsafe actions of cars pulling around parked cars, and dropping students off in the middle of the lane, causing students to have to weave around moving and parked cars. 


Please help us keep our students and community safe, and do not park in the drop-off lane.


Thank you for your cooperation, understanding and support.