HCPSS Guidelines for Use of Social Media and Communication Tools - Student Responsibilities

Fri, 12/08/2017 - 5:35am

HCPSS Guidelines for Use of Social Media and Communication Tools - Student Responsibilities


  • HCPSS has authorized Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr for communication among adults and for complementing traditional forms of communication for sharing news and events with the community.
  • HCPSS does not require use of social media for HCPSS sanctioned activities.
  • Almost all social media platforms: (1) prohibit children under the age of 13 from creating accounts; (2) develop profiles of individual users for targeted advertising; (3) enable communication among anyone on that platform; and (4) could expose students to content that is not appropriate for their age.
  • According to HCPSS policies, employees and students are expected to use technology responsibly.


Student Responsibilities

  • Students who are allowed to and choose to use social media for HCPSS related activities, should adhere to the Student Code of Conduct and HCPSS Policy 8080 - Responsible Use of Technology and Social Media.
  • Specifically, students will not create, access, share, download, store or print content that:
    • Depicts profanity, obscenity, the use of weapons, terrorism, violence, or gang affiliation;
    • Promotes use of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or other illegal or harmful products;
    • Contains sexually suggestive messages or is sexually explicit or obscene;
    • Contains language or symbols that demean an identifiable person or group or otherwise infringe on the rights of others;
    • Contains rude, disrespectful or discourteous expressions inconsistent with civil discourse or behavior;
    • Causes or is likely to cause a disruption to school activities or the orderly operation of the school; or
    • Constitutes bullying, cyberbullying, harassment or intimidation in violation of Policy 1040 Safe and Supportive Schools, Policy 1060 Bullying, Cyberbullying, Harassment, or Intimidation, or any other HCPSS Policy.