Buster's Club Time

Fri, 09/22/2017 - 6:34am

Buster's Club Time is Coming to Mayfield!

This year at Mayfield, one of the things we are focused on building community and getting kids excited about learning as we believe it is critically important for kids to feel connected to school.  For some kids that connection comes from his/her classes, for others it's via their social groups, GT seminars that the students self-select, or the love of a particular subject.   We realize that kids are different, and they connect to school in different ways.  This year, in an effort to reach even more students, we are adding a new opportunity for kids called "Buster's Club Time".  


Last year we surveyed students, and a large number of them requested adding something like this to the schedule, similar to our current BBT.    We felt as if two BBTs per week might be too much, but we still wanted the voice of our students to be heard, and thus Buster's Club Time was created. 


Here's how it works.  Once per month, students will have the opportunity to attend a club (every student in the building will belong to a club.**).  Clubs are teacher generated and run during school hours, on the second Monday of each month (1st meeting is October 9th). There are 4 meeting dates per session, and we will run two sessions during the year. During the day of Buster's Club Time, each period will be shorted by a few minutes to leave time for clubs to meet at the end of the day. The schedule is below.  


On September 14 in BBT, students watched a PowerPoint outlining the club choices that will be offered this year. Students then selected their top 3 choices. We are still busy inputting the student choices into our database, and we are trying our best to give as many students as possible their first choice.


The clubs program is a great way to get all students involved in our school community. It's also a great way for them to connect with a new teacher, or to make friends as clubs are mixed between grade levels. 

This year's club choices are as follows (may change 2nd semester):

  • Fearlessly Me
  • Empty Bowls Fundraiser
  • German
  • Homework/Study Hall
  • Leadership
  • Gay Straight Alliance
  • Step
  • Flag Football/Paper Football
  • Yoga
  • Mixed Sports
  • Running
  • Crafts
  • Photography
  • Musical Theater
  • Origami
  • Sewing
  • Creative Writing
  • Student Tech Help Desk
  • Computers
  • TSA
  • Comic Books
  • Reading with my Peeps
  • D.E.A.R.
  • History
  • Old School Games
  • Board Games
  • 24 Challenge
  • Puzzles
  • Logic


**Please note: Students who have a D or an E on their interim progress report will be placed temporarily in an academic intervention club until they bring up their grades. After a student brings his/her grade to at least a "C", the student will be able to rejoin his/her original club.