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March 2, 2018


From the Principal’s Desk

Good afternoon,

Please mark your calendars for Wednesday, March 14, from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. for a Mayfield Woods community meeting about school safety, security, and mental health supports in HCPSS.  During this meeting we will spend time sharing information with you, but will also provide an opportunity for you to ask questions, share feedback and offer suggestions.  The meeting will be held in the MWMS cafeteria and will be followed by the PTA meeting at 7:00 p.m.; we encourage you to stay for that, too.


I know that many of us have been deeply impacted by the tragedy that occurred two weeks ago at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. As a parent of three sons and the principal of over 700 students, this news was, and continues to be, horrifying.   As a staff, emergency preparedness is something we talk about from day one, prior to the students returning from summer break.  On the first day of school we discuss safety preparedness with our students, and begin practicing drills.  We complete at least ten evacuation drills each year, and six other drills that include lockdown drills, modified lockdown drills, and weather related emergency drills.  Even with all of this, however, we are constantly seeking ways to increase the safety and emergency preparedness at Mayfield Woods. 


Tuesday night I attended the Superintendent’s community forum on school safety at River Hill High School, along with several other staff members.  I know many of you were among the over 600 people who attended, and I thank you for being there. Over the past two weeks we have dedicated additional school time to reviewing emergency procedures with staff and students including ways we work keep our school safe, how to respond if an evacuation is necessary during a transition time, and things students can do to help with our school safety efforts.  I ask that you please find time this weekend to review the ways your child can help keep our school safe (below) so that he/she is hearing this important information from you, too:


  • Students should not let anyone into our school at any time.   Mayfield Woods has one point of entry, which is the front door under the welcome sign in the front of the school.   Once visitors enter, they must be buzzed into the main office, after being questioned about their reason for requesting entry (outlined below).  Even if students know the people trying to enter, students have been directed not to let them in. We understand this may seem awkward for the visitor, but hope you understand and appreciate that this is necessary in order to maintain a safe school.


  • If students (or adults) see someone in our school who they do not know, and that person does not have a visitors badge or HCPSS ID, they should report this immediately to a teacher or adult.  We asked students not to worry about being “wrong”.  We would rather question someone and ensure safety, than ignore someone who is unfamiliar.   


  • Do not prop doors open.  Once again, the only entry way into our school is through the front door under the welcome sign.  If someone props a door open – even with the smallest rock and best intention - it puts our entire building at risk of being unsafe.  We asked all students and staff to close any doors that may be propped open, and to report this immediately.


  • If they see something, say something. We reminded the students that it takes everyone working together to keep our school safe.


Thank you for reviewing these procedures with your child. 


This also seems like the right time to review the procedures for parents and other visitors who request to enter our school. As you are probably aware, we have the “buzz-in” system in order to enter our building. Please be reminded of our procedures if you request to enter Mayfield Woods – and please be sure to bring identification with you:

  • The front door, under the welcome sign, is the only entrance point for all visitors.

  • Once you enter the front door, you will walk about ten feet and see a door to the right and what looks like a doorbell next to it (not to be confused with the glass doors in front of you).

  • We ask that you buzz the front office and look in the camera.

  • The office staff will ask you how they can help you and your purpose for visiting.

  • Please speak slowly and clearly.

  • Once buzzed in, all visitors should walk directly to one of the front office desks directly in front of you with your identification.

  • All visitors will have their IDs checked, and will then be asked to sign in on “LobbyGuard”. 

  • A visitor’s sticker will be given to all visitors; this sticker must be displayed so that it is visible to our staff and students.

  • Any visitor in our building without a sticker will be escorted directly back to the office by a staff member. 


We realize it may take a few extra minutes to be checked in, so please plan accordingly. I think we can all agree that safety is our first priority, and we thank you for your understanding of this matter.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.


Thank you for your ongoing support.  Have a wonderful weekend!



Melissa Shindel



School News


Penny Wars & "Pi Day Buy a Day" campaign starts on March 12!  Please help us have some fun and raise money for the Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center in Howard County.  How does it work, you ask?  Click here for more information!


Attention 6th grade families!  Do you know that your child must have certain immunizations before the first day of school, of the 2018-19 school year?  Click here for more information. 


From the Cafeteria: Please be aware that the cafeteria is not able to break large bills and provide change for field trips, dances, or other events.  However, large bills are accepted for lunch accounts.

Please check your child’s lunch account and make sure there is an adequate balance to cover lunch purchases.  Account balances can be viewed at:



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03/14              8th Grade Celebration Meeting, 6:00 PM, MWMS Media Center

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Our Next Meeting: 03/14/18, 7:00 PM, Media Center



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Community News


Military Information Night

March 7, 2018, 6:30 PM -9:00 PM

Oakland Mills High School

9410 Kilimanjaro

Columbia, MD 21045


HCPSS students in grades 7-12 who are interested in collegiate and U.S. military programs and their parents are invited.

The following groups will offer information about their programs:

  • Representatives from five U.S. military academies
  • College ROTC programs
  • Members of the Howard County JROTC programs from Atholton, Howard, and Oakland Mills high schools
  • Military enlistment recruiters
  • Representatives from local congressional offices and the U.S. military academies also will provide information about academy nomination and application processes.


For more information, contact Roger Gauert at 410-313-6945 or



This March, the River Hill High School Theatre Arts Department will proudly present the Broadway musical, Pippin.  With a memorable score from multiple Tony, Oscar, and Grammy winner, Stephen Schwartz, Pippin is the story of one young man's journey to be extraordinary.  This multiple Tony-award winning show was originally produced on Broadway in 1972 (directed by the legendary Bob Fosse) and then successfully revived in 2015.  River Hill’s production promises to bring magic and joy to the hearts of audience members of all ages.  See the attached flyer for ticket information.


A new community news and programs webpage is now available!!  This page contains brief announcements of upcoming events and announcements from community organizations.  Please visit the HCPSS website for details about upcoming events or visit:


Pippin Press Release .docx 




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